When I was six | Hannah Gregory

When I was six | Hannah Gregory

When I was six, they asked me what I wanted to be and I replied, ‘an actress’; at ten the same question was posed and my response was, ‘a lawyer’.

Last year, I asked myself how I wanted to spend my life and the answer became clear – I had to do something I loved; a job I could wake up to every day, knowing it was my reason for getting out of bed.

As the saying goes, you don’t work a day in your life if you’re doing something you love and for me, Hannah Gregory, that’s art. Ever since Father’s Day 2006, when I painted my Dad sitting on his Harley Davidson, my parents knew I had a natural creative flare. Embracing their praise, I began to work on my skills and at the age of 13 started taking art commissions from people far and wide.

Art is a form of expression and allows me to capture an image that can be more treasured than a photograph. Over the course of the last three years I have pushed myself to gain a following in the art world, leading to a range of requests including family portraits, tattoo designs and stencils that have been transformed into actual body art.  With this came the realisation that I wanted to focus my skills on the world of tattooing.

And this is where James comes in! I was introduced to James Vincent from Hot Source Creative through school as he was willing to try and help me find work experience at a tattoo studio. Unfortunately, being under the age of 18, the industry were not allowed to accept me yet. Still, James kept digging. Thanks to his perseverance, a company called Hobo Jack Clothing reached out after seeing a few pieces of my artwork. Hobo Jack work directly with upcoming artists to help build their portfolios and share their designs through the printing of graphic tees. Years of hard work paid off when I was tasked to produce a range of designs for the company which would feature in their new clothing collection ‘Day of the Dead’.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of coming up with unique ideas and found a way to express my individuality through the art I created. I believe that my story just confirms that when one door closes, another opens. I hope to continue selling my art whilst attending Sixth form and after that, securing an apprenticeship in the world of art and design.