Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary

Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary

Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary: Starting up, Starting Over – 13th September

Unity Brew House, the Worcestershire based family-run microbrewery, are launching their 2017 marquee September event: Frizzle Fortnight.

To celebrate the brewery’s hour-long Channel 5 documentary, Starting up, Starting Over, that is due to air at 7pm on Wednesday 13th September, Unity Brew House are ‘shining a spotlight’ on their award-winning Frizzle British IPA.


Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary

Unity Brew House – Frizzle British IPA

The documentary follows the adventures of couple Hani and Sarah Saleh as they uproot their family and livelihoods in the Capital and build a brand new brewery on the beautiful Stocks Farm, Suckley.


Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary

Sarah Saleh

As demonstrated in the documentary, in just 12 months, their Frizzle British IPA has gone from having serious teething problems, to being one of their most popular and most highly acclaimed beers. Earlier in August, the Frizzle was awarded a coveted Great Taste Award.

Like all their beers, the Frizzle British IPA uses only the very best hops from their immediate local surroundings. Being the only brewery in the country located on a Hop Farm, means the provenance of their beer range is something very unique.

In order to truly celebrate this rapid and remarkable development, during Frizzle Fortnight (12th-26th September), the wider Worcestershire and Herefordshire area will experience a mini Unity-Brew-House-Frizzle-tap-takeover. To coincide with the documentary on the 13th September, their aim is to have their Frizzle on as many pumps, and the bottles in as many stores, as they can.


For more info about Unity Brew House visit there website


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Unity Brew House – Channel 5 Documentary