Top 7 Tips You Need to Know Before You Book Your Honeymoon

Top 7 Tips You Need to Know Before You Book Your Honeymoon

Top 7 Tips You Need to Know Before You Book Your Honeymoon


1.Whittle down a wishlist: Planning your honeymoon can be daunting so preparation is key. The best place to start is with the big decisions – narrowing down a list to your top 3 dream destinations whilst being mindful of time of year you want to travel. Indeed, recent research by Emirates Holidays highlighted that finding a destination with a good climate the time of year they wanted to travel (47%) is a top consideration for weather-obsessed Brits so make sure you do your research on rainy seasons so you don’t end up disappointed.

2. Set up a ‘Honeyfund’: Brits revealed that the biggest hurdle when planning their honeymoon was finding the budget to pay for their once-in-a-lifetime trip (38%). Our advice is to create a ‘honeyfund’ asap that you squirrel away part of your salary to each month and/or ask wedding guests to make contributions rather than gifting a present. It’s worth creating a list of musts and things you would be willing to compromise on to have a dream trip so you can make choices and set a realistic budget accordingly. For example, if eating out, accommodation and spa treatments are topping your wish list, destinations like Thailand are definitely worth considering as your money will go further.

3. Make room for romance: We weren’t surprised to see that 35% of honeymooners identified the extra special touches as some of the most memorable parts of their honeymoons as these are the moments that set it apart from other holidays. It can be the simplest hacks like surprising your loved one with a moonlit dinner on the beach, to organising an unforgettable activity like visiting an elephant sanctuary. It’s always a good idea to let your hotel know in advance as they may have advice on things to do in the local area like the most romantic spots to star-gaze as well as organising the finer details like a room upgrade or flower petals upon arrival.

4. Consider your perfect formula: Everyone is different but if you have travelled a long way you might be jet lagged,  it’s often a good idea to spend the first few days relaxing whilst you get onto the right time-zone before venturing out to explore. That said, do book your must-do excursions in advance to secure a place, but leave some room to be spontaneous – injecting a little unpredictability into your honeymoon will make it more exciting!

5. Pack with care: First off, if you have booked any special honeymoon offers don’t forget to bring your wedding certificate with you as proof! It’s also an idea to bring a journal with you to write down all your honeymoon anecdotes and memories to look back on in the future – plus keep special items from the trip so that you can make a scrapbook when you get home. Additionally, if you have a special scent or item of clothing that you wore when you first met, it’s nice to bring something sentimental along on your trip.

6. Honeymoon Hop: With honeymoons typically giving couples more time to holiday, it’s a chance to make the most of it and see more of the world.  In fact, over half (55%) of British couples do at least the double on destinations when on their honeymoon, often mixing up a beach break with adventure. This is perhaps why Emirates Holidays has seen boost in Thailand bookings over recent years as it offers vast cultural diversity, incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes as well as a great transport system making it an easy country to travel around.

7. Talk to an expert:  There’s lots to think about in the run up to a wedding without even factoring in the trip of a lifetime afterwards. It’s perhaps no surprise then that in hindsight, two thirds (62%) of honeymooners wish they’d used a travel agent to help them on their way. We can give sound and impartial advice and inspiration on not only the destination but the best time of year to travel, potential areas to avoid, local activities, accommodation and even those extra special touches you might not have time to think about! Meaning less stress and more magic – the recipe for putting any marriage on the right track from the start!



The research was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Emirates Holidays from 24.04.2019 – 03.05.2019. Data was secured via an online survey of 2,000 18+ Adults who have been on honeymoons abroad in the last 10 years.


1 Methodology

Calculated according to the average amount of time spent planning (9 hours) x the number of couples who got married in England and Wales (ONS = 249,793), Scotland (NR Scotland = 22,604) & Northern Ireland (NISRA = 8306) in 2016 – the most recent year for which records are available in all areas:

9 hours x (249,793 + 22,604 + 8306) =  2,526,327

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Top 7 Tips You Need to Know Before You Book Your Honeymoon