The Sit Stand Desk Phenomenon

At Domu Brands, we’ve been enthusiastic adopters of the sit-stand desk phenomenon. We’ve been stocking these products since the beginning of 2018 and using them in the office ever since. And although we think they’re incredible, thanks to recent medical research, you needn’t just take our word for it.

In a recent study carried out by Loughborough University, results found that reducing sitting time can boost work engagement and wellbeing in office staff. So whether you’re an office worker or an employer, there’s benefits for both of you!

Sit stand desk sitting office

Medical research has suggested that heart disease, type 2 diabetes and poor mental health can all be linked to sedentary behaviour – and the study suggests that employees who reduced time spent sitting felt less tired and more engaged in the workplace.

Sit stand desk sitting office

In Scandinavia (and we know they’re trendsetters) sit-stand working is commonplace, with over 90% of office workers using computers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark having access to sit-stand desks. In fact, it is now a legal requirement in Denmark for employers to give staff the opportunity to do so.

Join us in becoming one of the first in the UK to adopt this fast-growing workplace trend. The VonHaus sit-stand collection now features 3 models starting at just £69.99. The designs feature everything from adjustable height settings to electronic operation in a selection of colours to complement your workspace. Keep your eyes peeled for new additions to the range to further improve your comfort, health and happiness.

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