The Silver Jewellery Boat | Courses On A Floating Narrowboat In Worcestershire

The Silver Jewellery Boat, Worcestershire

The Silver Jewellery Boat | Courses On A Floating Narrowboat In Worcestershire

The Silver Jewellery Boat provides Silver Jewellery making courses on board their 60 ft narrowboat. A floating workshop! Moored at the side of the historic Worcestershire canals near the town of Droitwich, Worcestershire the Silver Jewellery Boat has all the equipment that a workshop needs but also offers facilities to make the experience comfortable, relaxing and unique.

Their courses are designed to help you succeed in jewellery making and also have some fun!


They offer various courses which include:

Silver Ring Making – ideal for beginners

You start with some wire bending, practicing in copper, you will learn how to size and solder a simple wire ring. You will then use a small sheet of copper to develop cutting and shaping skills. That will lead onto some practise adding texture, letter/ number stamping and polishing.

After a slice of cake or two, you will use your newly acquired skills to make a simple silver plain or textured band. With careful measuring and some accurate filing your ring will fit perfectly! You will choose from flat, round, oval or “D” section material.

Add a date or personal message on the inside of the band. You will learn to use the butane torch to solder the ring join before final shaping and polishing.

Stacking rings in mixed metals

Silver Bangle – ideal for beginners

Open Bangle – choose from flat or wire open bangle – ideal for beginners .

Silver Flat “Open” Bangle – A really straightforward making activity with some impressive results. This one of our most popular making activities. You will be introduced to some basic workshop tools and use them to make a simple flat open bangle. You will start working in copper wire and sheet to develop your metalworking skills. You will learn to cut to size and shape, file and polish, adding texture with punches and hammers. You will practise using the letter and number stamps to personalise your jewellery. Once your skills are developed, with some close support, you will take your strip of silver and turn it into a beautiful piece of personalised jewellery!

Stud Earrings good fun and suitable for beginners but some close work with very small parts

New for 2019 – Historical jewellery making days

For more info on these courses please visit The Silver Jewellery Boat or call Jonathan on 07845 826415

Canal Networks

The Droitwich Canals
The Droitwich Canals consist of the Droitwich Junction Canal and the Droitwich Barge Canal. The Droitwich Barge Canal runs from the river Severn to Droitwich, and the Droitwich Junction Canal runs from Droitwich to the Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

For further information on Britain’s Waterways visit the Canal & Rivers Trust

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The Silver Jewellery Boat | Courses On A Floating Narrowboat In Worcestershire