Spotlight On Etsy Sellers From Worcester: Lynn’s Gem Creations

Spotlight on Etsy Sellers from Worcester

Lynn's Gem Creations

In a series of interviews focusing on Etsy sellers from Worcestershire we aim to bring you an insight into the world of an Etsy seller. These army of independent  sellers working from home, small workshop or a shed at the bottom of the garden these are the unsung heroes of eCommerce in our opinion.

Creating unique items some of them one-of-a-kind items, handmade and created with passion and you would be hard pressed to find on the high street.

They all have two things in common, they use the Etsy platform to sell their creations and all come from Worcestershire.

Spotlight on Etsy Sellers from Worcester

Lynn’s Gem Creations

Professional Jewellery Designer, using Semi Precious Gemstones, and Swarovski Elements

Spotlight On Etsy Sellers

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store.

I’m Lynn and most of my life I worked fulltime in an office. I have adult two sons and a loving husband of 27 years. I’ve always enjoyed crafting. whether it be cross stitch or cards.  I used to work for Jems Designs, who make card crafting CDs. I made their cards, which used to appear on Create and Craft TV.

Around 5 years ago I bought a jewellery making kit. I didn’t have a clue what anything was used for except the beads. I found a lady in Redditch who gave jewellery making lessons and went along for a total of twelve weeks. learning the basics. Once I’d made my first bracelet I was hooked and wanted to learn more.  I made a few more items and, after friends saying I should be selling them, opened my first Etsy Shop.

I then went along to a couple of Jewellery Maker courses continued to learn more. Now, five years on, I have three Etsy shops, do jewellery, bridal jewellery and bead supplies, sell on Amazon UK and also have my own website. I started with glass beads, then moved onto gemstones and crystal.


What is it that makes your products special?

I believe that it’s important to cater for all tastes, not one in particular. Some sellers keep to a specific range, I prefer to cover all aspects from basic costume jewellery to finer jewellery, covering everyday wear, bridal and also exquisite evening wear. So, there’s something for everyone, even men. I recently had a customer who said that he’d looked at quite a few websites but had been drawn back to mine because my jewellery was, as he called it, ‘unusual’ and stood out against the rest.

What was the first thing you sold on your store?

The very first thing I sold in my store was in March 2014. It was a Fuchsia agate bracelet, to a lady in America. Not only was I over the moon at my first order but I was very excited that it was in America.

Do you have any favourites from your collection?

I must admit I’m a bit of a girly girl when I comes to jewellery. I love the sparkly crystal. I’m often seen wearing my jewellery on a night out with a couple of bracelets, necklace, earrings etc. If I really like an item I’ve made I will make another and keep it just for me. I have a lovely collection now.

Which of the product/s you have in the store is/are the most popular with your customers? Why do you think is that?

Definitely it’s the crystal, I’ve sold more of those than the gemstones in all my shops. The gemstones do sell but they’re not as popular as the crystal. I have Georgian Collet necklaces, which are my most expensive item, I would say also my most popular one across all my sites. The Georgian collet necklace is very much a statement necklace with beautiful large crystals which really do stand out. Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue magazine, is known to wear this type of necklace in layers.  I often have organic searches from Google on my site for ‘Georgian collet necklace’.

How do you usually keep yourself inspired?

I’m always looking at trends for the coming year and always thinking of new ideas for jewellery. I usually try to bring out a couple of new ranges each year.


What product/s have you enjoyed working on the most and why?

As much as I love the crystal, I enjoy the gemstones the most. There are so many different types and they all have different meanings, along with healing properties which I really enjoy learning about. My aim is to put a page on my website with all of the healing properties of gemstones, but for now they are just on the listings.

Is there any advice you would like to give to people who want to start their own handmade business?

Yes, don’t give up! There are many times where I thought, is it worth it? I was trying to juggle full time work, home life and starting a new business. I often worked until late in the evening listing items and at weekends was making new jewellery. It was very tiring. I kept going, though, and slowly the sales started to trickle in. The more I worked on it the more sales I started to make. I researched a lot with regard to marketing and in fairness I’m still learning, but I now sell all over the world and absolutely love it.  Keep working hard in all aspects of the business and never stop learning new things to help. It does eventually start to pay off.

Spotlight On Etsy Sellers From Worcester: Lynn's Gem Creations
Spotlight On Etsy Sellers From Worcester: Lynn's Gem Creations

6 Fantastic Products From

Lynn's Gem Creations

Aquamarine Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Rose Pink Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

Chrysophase Swarovski Crystal Diamante Ring

Purple Druzy Geode Gold Plated Pendant

Raw Garnet Stone Pendant

Erinite Green Swarovski Crystal Cufflinks

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