Skin Is In: The Skincare Trends Set to Dominate 2018

Skin Is In: The Skincare Trends Set to Dominate 2018


Makeup may have dominated beauty and social spaces for a while now, but skincare is fighting back this year. We all know that too much makeup can lead to blocked pores and blemishes. It’s like your cosmetics had a party on your face and your skin is hungover, so you turn to skincare brands to soothe your tired skin.

But these days consumers are savvy—they know their hyaluronic acids from their peptides and they demand products and futuristic gadgets that genuinely make a difference. Smoke and mirrors will not do.

Consumers as a whole have also become more demanding when it comes to environmental repercussions. When it comes to the beauty products they choose, they want more streamlined packaging and options that sit in line with their ethos, be that veganism or trying to use more locally sourced ingredients.


To bridge the cap, we called on the beauty experts and buyers at our favourite retailers to reveal the topics they see being big news this year, and this rundown of the seven hottest skincare trends doesn’t disappoint.

When it comes to shopping for skincare, our number one question should always be, does this work? But now consumers are asking is this eco-friendly? With the Evening Standard’s The Last Straw campaign, calling for London bars and restaurants to ban plastic straws and more and more attention being put on Pacific Plastic Island, consumers are demanding that their beauty products toe the line and strip it back.

Alexia Inge, founder of Cult Beauty, believes we will see “brands of all sizes pledging to swap to 100% plant-based packaging in the next couple of years.”

She also predicts more and more consumers will look to brands using locally sourced ingredients such as Haeckels, which uses hand-harvested seaweed from Margate’s 14-mile coast. “which not only brings employment to an area in need of regeneration but also helps to keep the beaches clear,” says Inge.

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Expect to see more and more skin supplements launching in 2018. “A key trend we’ve seen increasingly from our customers is the combination of wellness, supplements and skincare,” says Newby Hands, the beauty director at Net-a-Porter. “This total integration technique is perfectly summed up by Dr. Nigma Talib‘s essential three-step skincare routine, which starts with a face cream, is followed by a face serum and is finished with a probiotic supplement. This whole trend is about what you put on you and what you put in you and learning to integrate the two.”


The team over at Harvey Nichols agrees that this trend has been growing for a while. “For the last few years, supplements have been huge particularly in January as customers want to detox in the New Year. [Now, however,] supplements aimed at making your skin look better definitely have a better sell-through than overall health supplements,” says Jo Osborne, head of concessions and beauty buying. “Our best-selling supplement brand is the Advanced Nutrition Programme—we’ve sold over 3000 units so far this year. The best seller is the Skin Accumax, which is aimed at acne sufferers—the before and after results are incredible!”

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The boost in popularity for acne-fighting supplements brings us nicely onto the next trend focused on adult acne.

At Space NK, adult acne continues to be a big search term. Why? “A couple of reasons,” says Margaret Mitchell, the group buying director. “With the boom in makeup, people are seeing their skin more clogged. While younger customers are caring about their skin and getting into serious skincare, the problems they face are different from the traditional ‘anti-ageing’ needs. They need products that address clogging and blemishes.”

Space NK will be launching Tata Harper‘s new Clarifying Cleanser soon, and 111 Skin is launching its two-section mask with different serum formulations for different acne types.

Pinterest has noticed a rise in acne-related searches with “face mist for acne-prone skin” seeing a 130% increase in saves year on year in the UK.

Glowing skin isn’t set to go anywhere, especially as the skin-brightening, pore-refining ingredient vitamin C is set to see a surge in popularity this year. “Vitamin C is going to be big for us at Harvey Nichols this year too. We’re seeing lots of brands release full lines of vitamin C rather than just the odd product, so you can now find it in cleansers, masks, moisturisers, serums and so on,” says Osbourne. “Rodial’s vitamin C range, which launched with Harvey Nichols exclusively this month, includes a brightening mask, brightening cleanser and brightening exfoliating pads.”

Exfoliation, in the form of acids and peels, will also see renewed popularity with consumers in 2018. “We’re seeing a lot of launches that focus on acids, as brands realise that this is a new step in consumers skincare routines, it’s not just an ad-hoc treatment anymore. Acids now come in all forms, from toners to pads and serum-like liquids.”

Osbourne believes the demand for vitamin C and peels is being driven by the consumer awareness of pollution. “[It] is going to become a much bigger story, most of our new launches feature some kind of vitamin or acid, which helps reverse pollution damage or block out any new damage.”

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Skincare devices are set to become a stalwart in our beauty routines, not just a fad. “We’re seeing technology like the Foreo UFO where you can have the benefits of the sheet mask or facial through a 90-second treatment with a device,” says Osbourne.


French brand Carita is launching My C.L.E. (£299) a facial device that combines three LED lights, red for lines and wrinkles, blue for blemishes and green for pigmentation, with five levels of micro-currents via four metal nodules for skin firming. You can also switch to a white LED light that boosts skin glow. It’s a do-it-all gadget that had me seriously impressed.

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Dr Dennis Gross’s Spectralite (£168) uses amber and red LED lights to boost collagen production around the delicate eye area to plump out fine lines and wrinkles. It promises results in just two weeks.

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Pinterest has spotted another up-and-coming skincare trend. While sheet masks are now a staple in our bathroom cabinets, the Korean trend for rubber masks (otherwise known as modelling masks) is on the rise, with a 230% increase in saves year on year.

As with sheet masks, rubberised masks are Insta-friendly. They are, however, much more like a traditional mask, as they are wet on application before drying out to a rubbery texture before you can peel them away from the face. Shop our favourite rubber masks below and expect to see more popping up this year.

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According to Newby Hands, “Night is the new morning.” Here at Byrdie UK we have been obsessed with all things sleep for a while, and nightcare is a major category for Net-A-Porter, “and it’s a trend that we’re seeing from our customers worldwide,” adds Hands.

“It’s not just about taking off your makeup and putting on a night cream. There are far more exciting ways to look after your skin when you’re sleeping. We’re seeing that our woman is using a myriad of products, from layering sleep masks, using gadgets such as Ziip Beauty’s facial device (£425) to help stimulate and firm up skin to deep cleaning. Also, the nightcare trend isn’t just about skincare treatments, as there’s a whole focus on nighttime with Slip silk pillowcases and eye masks becoming best sellers in the beauty category.”

Over at Feelunique, a key focus is sleep too. Whether this is products that help you to fall asleep such as Spacemasks (£15), Ren’s & Now To Sleepzz Pillow Spray (£18) or Decleor’s night balms (£36) or those that beautify you while you dream.


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