Rooting For Records At This Years Malvern Autumn Show

Rooting For Records At This Years Malvern Autumn Show

The CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship returns to Malvern Autumn Show this weekend alongside a seasonal feast of family fun and a celebration of the great British countryside.

More than 65,000 visitors are expected to be wowed by the massive marrows and gargantuan gourds
that a record number of entrants have been nurturing since the beginning of the year. Four new categories have been introduced including Heaviest 3 Sticks of Rhubarb, Heaviest Kohlrabi, Heaviest
and Longest Radish. Last year saw a bumper crop of records with four new Guinness World Records, two new UK records and a European record tipping the scales at the showground

Here are some unbe-leaf-able Giant Veg facts to whet the appetite:

The world’s heaviest vegetable is the Atlantic Pumpkin, and weighed 1,190.49kg (2,624.6lbs), heavier than a Polar Bear…grown by Mathia Willemijns from Belgium.

World famous rapper, Snoop Dog loves giant veg and invited Malvern Autumn Show’s veteran grower, Ian Neale to come to his show and share some top growing tips

In 2012, Malvern Autumn Show stalwart, Peter Glazebrook grew an oversized onion that tipped the scales at an eye-watering 8.16kg (17lbs 9oz), the equivalent weight of a Canada Goose.

Most giant vegetables are grown for bragging rights alone and are not usually eaten. Many growers are
known to donate their leafy veg to people with rabbits or horses, and the root vegetables go to livestock

A titan of the giant veg world, Joe Atherton currently holds 11 world records, his latest being the world’s longest parsnip which measured 6.550m, as long as a giraffe is tall.

With the process of growing giant vegetables, growers are effectively trying to burst the vegetable. Bringing it to almost breaking point, before carefully transporting the monster produce to shows across the country.

Every year the Malvern Autumn Show celebrates the wonderful world of oversized vegetables by hosting the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship. In the last three years 11 world records have been set nurturing high hopes for more this year.

A mountain of monster veg can be seen at the Malvern Autumn Show, which takes place on Saturday 29 September and Sunday 30 September at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern. For more information, visit or call 0844 811 0050.

Malvern Autumn is the last food, horticulture and nostalgia show of the season. It draws around 65,000 visitors over two days and hosts a range of interactive features including cooking demonstrations with celebrity chefs, the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship, Grow to Show classes, the last major RHS judged Flower Show of the season and exhibitions of vintage memorabilia, activities and vehicles.



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