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Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

Local ‘Foodie Card’ hailed as best Food and Drink Business Supporter 2019 in LUX Magazine’s annual, UK-wide awards.

With so many changes taking place in the way that people eat and drink, the food and drink sector is in a state of evolution.

To celebrate this, LUXlife Magazine created the annual Food and Drink Awards, where they pay homage to the people and brands that are leading the ongoing transformations within the industry.

Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

This year, The Foodie Card has been recognised as the UK initiative working the hardest to support the efforts of restaurants, café’s, bars and more in delivering quality food and drink to consumers.

The card, launched in July 2019 off the back of Victoria Richardson’s successful food blog Pershore Patty, connects independent eateries with local foodies who are searching for great places to dine across Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

At the heart of The Foodie Card is the desire to help the local community thrive, driving people to their nearby undiscovered shops and restaurants to support the local economy.

Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

The Coconut Tree Feast

It’s this philosophy and the fantastic range of businesses involved that has seen Pershore Patty and The Foodie Card receive the remarkable accolade of Best Food and Drink Business Supporter 2019.

Victoria Richardson, founder of The Foodie Card, commented: “I’m incredibly thrilled to have been recognised as the Best Food & Drink Business Supporter.

“Food has always excited me, so with the blog, I wanted to celebrate the fantastic culinary options available in the local area. However, I soon realised that it wasn’t enough and I wanted to do more. So 18 months later, I launched The Foodie Card to draw even more foodies into their local eateries.”

The Foodie Card entitles its holder to exclusive offers and deals at participating food and drink locations across the three counties. All of the businesses working with The Foodie Card have been hand-selected by Pershore Patty. They are considered based on a number of carefully considered factors before joining the initiative.

Pershore Patty Celebrated in National Food & Drink Awards

Bar & Wok Cheltenham

For a minimal fee of £15 to cover admin costs, individuals can find themselves privy to some of the undiscovered hidden gems available in their local area. While consumers can experience the best their local area has to offer and enjoy fabulous offers, businesses can get their name out there and expand their clientele.

To date, The Foodie Card has been an enormous success, with 250 restaurants, cafes, bars and shops all taking part. The Foodie Card is also accepted at some online businesses and is supported by pop up traders, so can be used at local food festivals and markets. The Foodie Card owners all enjoy the great tastes available in Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

The Foodie Card® founded by local food blogger ‘Pershore Patty‘ brings independent food and drink businesses together with foodies looking for great places to visit. By supporting them we’re supporting the local economy and circulating the money between our local shops and restaurants which helps our community to thrive.

The Foodie Card – exclusive food & drink offers at your local independents.

The Foodie Card® is only £15 per person per year (or buy two for £25), and entitles you to exclusive offers and deals at participating food & drink places in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Pop-up traders.  pershorepatty.com




For more information on Pershore Patty and The Foodie Card, please visit: pershorepatty.com


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