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Pain relief, without medication!


Pain relief, without medication! Read on…..

The gentleman pictured came to see me with knee pain, he could no longer play his beloved badminton and had developed a limp. On examination, it was quite clear his knees were the symptom, not the cause, of his pain.

The before and after pictures haven’t been doctored, his neck hasn’t magically been stretched, his postural alignment has been changed. He is back to playing badminton and his knees are fine. He is out of pain. No medication, no surgery, no medical aids or supports.

Posture Alignment Therapy deals with the body as a single unit, not a sum of its parts; so when your knees, shoulders, elbows, wrists et al, start to hurt  – unless its due to trauma – you need to look elsewhere for the reason why.

Would it surprise you to know that the Egoscue method of Posture Alignment Therapy is the world leader in non-medicated pain-relief? I am one of around 12 specialists in the UK but there are established clinics worldwide – it having originated in the 1960’s. Thanks to word of mouth, the success of this method is spreading, even the NHS on their website under ‘shoulder aches and pains’ say by improving posture many of these conditions can be improved.

I hate seeing people struggling with pain, having to take stronger and stronger pain-killers, having been told there is no further help available. With Posture Alignment Therapy there most definitely is!

Karen Harris is a Posture Alignment Specialist and Fitness Trainer and can be contacted on 07954 544595, www.karen-harris.co.uk or on Facebook Karen Harris, Posture, Health and Fitness.

Pain relief, without medication! Pain relief, without medication!

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