New bin collections start in Worcester

New bin collections start in Worcester

New bin collections start in Worcester

A new bin collection schedule starts in Worcester this week, with some residents seeing the weeks when their black and green bins are collected being swapped round.

There will also be a change in collection day for some residents – and while the changeover happens, around half the city will have their black bins collected for two consecutive weeks.

Once the changes are completed, all households will see their black bin collected one week and their green bin the next – on alternate weeks.

Every household in the city has been sent a letter with their new collection calendar, but residents who are unsure about the new arrangements can check their bin day at All you need is your postcode.

City Council Environment Committee Chair Councillor Joy Squires said: “I want to thank Worcester residents for being patient and understanding while the new system is brought in.

“Hopefully every household has read the letter we sent to them with their new collection calendar. If anyone is unsure they can use our postcode look-up system at or call 01905 722233.”

The re-organisation will see the waste collection rounds run more efficiently, with two new larger 32-tonne vehicles being introduced.  The larger vehicles will be used in areas which are suitable and they can carry more waste, meaning fewer trips to the disposal point – saving time and money.

The city has been divided in half for the new collection system. In any one week, half the city will have their black bins emptied, and the other half their green bins. The following week, the two halves are swapped round.

Councillor Alan Feeney, Vice Chair of the Environment Committee, said: “We considered all the options for changing bin collections very carefully because this is an essential service that affects everyone in the city. However, I’m confident that residents will quickly adapt to the new collection calendar and it will soon become second nature.”

Around half of Worcester’s households will see a change to their bin collections under the new arrangements.

All households are being asked to put their bins out for collection by 7am on their collection day. Even if the collection day hasn’t changed, their bin might now be emptied at a different time.

During the two-week changeover to the new collection calendar, every household will have at least one black bin collection and some will have two. This has been done to avoid residents having problems with storing their waste.

Any additional waste can be taken to the household recycling centres in Bilford Road and Hallow Road. The City Council’s crews will also collect green recycling side waste, providing it is placed in a clear or green sack, or in a cardboard box, and left beside a green bin during the appropriate collection week. Extra sacks for recycling can be collected from the Customer Service Centre at The Hive or from The Guildhall. Waste crews will also be happy to provide you with a couple of green sacks during this period.


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