Massage therapy for the mind, body and soul with Flow Holistic Therapy

Flow Holistic Therapy

Massage therapy for the mind, body and soul with Flow Holistic Therapy

Massage therapist Jo Cox runs her holistic massage therapy business from her home in St Peter’s, Worcester.

Jo says: “Holistic massage considers the whole of the individual, including their physical, emotional and mental state on the day, and is personalised to meet each client’s needs. There is no set routine used; instead I select the most appropriate massage techniques to use, meaning that each massage is unique.”


She explains that flow is created between the massage therapist and the client. “I ‘listen with my hands’ to the client’s body and adapt my touch in response to what I am feeling, and it is this fluid, dynamic process of communication that creates a unique experience with every massage. This is the reason why I named my business ‘Flow Holistic Therapy’ – to honour the important role of flow in the creation of a therapeutic massage, tailored to the individual on the day.”

Jo says there are many reasons people choose to receive massage, including injury, chronic pain, stress and anxiety, aches and pains, feeling burned out or fatigued, or for general relaxation and well-being. She explains that massage can help by providing a space to be, bringing a sense of spaciousness and can bring relief from tension and pain. It can also be beneficial for people with injuries or chronic health conditions, promoting healing after injury and helping to maintain mobility.

Jo offers a choice of 60, 75 and 90-minute treatments, which can include a full body massage or can focus on specific areas of the body that are requiring attention, such as back, neck or shoulders. She welcomes questions and is always happy to chat to anyone who would like to know more before booking an appointment.

For more information call Jo on 07875 261096 or visit website.


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