Lady Foley’s Tea Room | Great Malvern Station

Lady Foley’s Tea Room | Great Malvern Station

Lady Foley’s Tea Room | Great Malvern Station 1
Lady Foley’s Tea Room | Great Malvern Station 2
Lady Foley’s Tea Room | Great Malvern Station 3

Lady Foley’s Tea Room has been serving commuters and other customers with its delightful food and beverages for 34 years from its setting in the Victorian railway station of Great Malvern.

Everyone who knows the 1945 film Brief Encounter is instantly reminded of the café where strangers meet first by chance, then by arrangement and ultimately fall in love within its enchanting interior, despite being married to other people.

The tea room is a place of charm and character. Owner Margaret Baddeley and her daughter, Melissa, treat customers to freshly baked cakes and pastries, toasted sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, cream teas, light lunches like jacket potatoes and many other delicious temptations, with vegetarian options. Many people like to partake of their leisurely meals and snacks seated outside on the station platform.

Margaret says: “I think about what food and drink I would like to have presented to me and then provide that for our customers.”

The tea room is named after duke’s daughter Lady Emily Foley, a local landowner and Lady of Malvern Manor. This flamboyant citizen was largely responsible for the planning of the beautiful town we love today, especially the handsome houses with large, landscaped gardens that contribute so much to its grace. She died in 1900, aged 94, having survived her husband by 54 years.

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Lady Foley’s Tea Room, Great Malvern Station, Imperial Road, Malvern Worcestershire WR14 3AU

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