James Derby London | Stylish Classic Watch Review

James Derby London | Stylish Classic Watch Review


James Derby London | Stylish Classic Watches Review

Everyone wants their best face on when they leave the house, especially the one they wear on their wrist. For too many years, watches of true quality which also look good have cost a fortune, often thousands of pounds, but now watch out! The newly launched James Derby watch brand will surely cause a round-the-clock revolution!

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Classic Knightsbridge £159


James Derby watches are as elegant and classy as many watches at the top end of the expense scale but buyers will be pleased, and probably relieved, to find they cost considerably less, usually £129 to £149.

The beauty that I am lucky to own is a pleasure to wear because of the hallmark design features which make it stand-out stylish, particularly being unusually lightweight and incredibly thin.

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For many people this would be the kind of watch they’d wear for special occasions, teaming it with their best clothes to maximise elegance when they’re really, really out to impress.

For me personally, it’s a watch I would wear for everyday use. Not only is it light and bright with its slim, gold coloured case and alabaster white face but it is also really easy to read. The time markings are perfectly sized to stand out and the face is uncluttered with not even a second hand to get in the way. So, there’s no squinting or double-checking that you read it right.

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On my Classic Knightsbridge design, which costs £159, the strap is made of beautiful quality leather in a grey  colour. It would go perfectly with many different outfits, although, of course, readers could choose from a range of colours or select one of the other men’s or women’s watch designs, which are named after upmarket London districts.

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I love the clean simplicity of the design and I love too the packaging of the James Derby brand, totally carrying off that London high society branding and featuring a little tag with the London Bridge logo. If it were being given as a present, it’d definitely be the perfect package!

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