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Jennifer Suzanne Interiors brings elegance and sophistication to people’s homes, making them amazing places to live, work and play. It is also a business about supporting clients, both private home owners and property owners, in getting a move on with their sales!

Home staging by Jennifer Suzanne Interiors – by adding furniture and props – is the answer to the ‘sold’ poster going up sooner rather than later, perhaps never.

Home staging is the game changer for clients who have had a property on the market for some time, who want to maximise their re-sale value and make their property stand out in a cluttered market place. Equally, it can help property developers to sell their homes quicker, providing money to reinvest in their next project.

“I recently did home staging on two of a group of four properties,” says the business owner, Jennifer Alekna. “I transformed the properties into vibrant, warm, stylish, attractive places to live, on a budget and on time, giving each room stand-out personality and driving a faster sale.

“The budget needn’t be large. Buying astutely, I acquired the props at modest prices, but they made a real difference to the viewers’ perception of the property and the price point.”

Jennifer is an established professional in interior designs, always thinking creatively and ‘outside the box’ for all her clients.

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