Inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design, Scout & Boo

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Inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design, Scout & Boo

Inspired by mid-century Scandinavian design, Scout & Boo make contemporary statement furniture for adults and children.

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Co-founded by husband and wife team, David and Teresa Beswick, the company’s handmade graphic design-led pieces – featuring eye-catching artwork created by the duo themselves – are inspirational, functional and fun.

“Our goal is to put a smile on the faces of our customers when they walk into a room.”

By designing bright, bold graphics which we apply to each piece, we add another dimension to what a piece of furniture does – you can use it, but when it isn’t being used it can be viewed as an artwork, creating conversation and adding colour and inspiration. This is particularly paramount with our children’s furniture, where we aim to keep designs simple and bold but to have an element which can trigger a child’s imagination.

Scout & Boo Rainbow Cabinet Lifestyle

As well as offering designs that we have already created, we enable our customers to have an input into how they want their furniture to look, by giving options to change colours or to have a completely bespoke graphic created for them. This versatility allows us, working closely with our clients, to create something unique to them. This process is also extremely useful for interior designers and stylists who may be looking for furniture to fit in with a design idea they have, or to design an interior scheme around.

All of our furniture is hand-made in our workshop to order. We are extremely conscious of the impact of manufacturing on the environment so we spent a lot of time researching the most ecologically sound materials and products to use in the construction of our furniture to ensure that each piece is not only safe for us but also to the environment.

We have designed our furniture based upon a market we identified through our re-purposed mid-century pieces. It is simple and functional with modern living and lifestyle at it’s core – much like the mid-century Scandinavian design ethos. Smaller spaces require storage to remove clutter from view, larger spaces often shout out for a statement piece of furniture to add focus. With the ability to tailor each piece to an individuals taste and space, Scout & Boo provide a means to achieve these things and also give our customers the ability to own a ‘one-of-kind’ item.

Our passion for mid-century furniture is how Scout & Boo started. We began by sourcing, restoring and re-purposing the unloved mid-century furniture that people no longer wanted. Basically the term ‘upcycling’ fits, although that term tends to lend itself to the image of someone in their shed daubing paint onto an old chest of drawers to create a shabby chic finish, so isn’t really a term that we particularly like when describing our process – a bit of artistic snobbery maybe!
The desire to move it back into the home and hopefully ignite interest in a new generation was the drive that led us down this route.

We do this by adding an artistic, graphic element to transform these unloved items of furniture into art pieces. Often, the piece dictates the design – sometimes it is used to hide an area that is beyond a like new restoration and replacing a section is of detriment to the.

Scout & Boo | Trees Teal on Warm Grey Cabinet Hall

Our new furniture designs are inspired by the form and function of the Scandinavian design aesthetic of the era. Our new pieces sit comfortably next to our re-purposed mid-century furniture – pieces designed more than half a century ago.

Build quality has to be on par with it’s mid-century counterpart, constructed to last as long as the home you are putting it in. In the 1950’s/60’s, furniture was built to last and was passed down to the next generation and Scout & Boo’s new furniture is designed with this in mind and to engage people of all ages.
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Sciut & Boo | DTG Portrait

Scout & Boo | Mountains Sunrise

Scout & Boo | Rainbow Cabinet

Scout & Boo | Starburst Rainbow Cabinet

Scout & Boo | Starburst Rainbow Cabinet

Scout & Boo | Teal Mountains Cabinet Hall

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