I Tried Skin Meditation And It’s Changed My Whole Beauty Regime

I Tried Skin Meditation And It’s Changed My Whole Beauty Regime

When it comes to my skin, I used to be extremely lucky. ‘Used to be’ being the operative part of that sentence. I spent my early twenties with clear skin, only battling with the occasional dry spell (which The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% (£6) sorted right out) and the odd spot.

Now I’m 27 it’s a totally different story. I’ve struggled with hormonal acne for just under 6 months now, and while it’s still not entirely gone, this one product taught me how to strip things back and take time caring for my skin again.


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I Tried Skin Meditation And It's Changed My Whole Beauty Regime 2

As a busy, dare I say it, stressed, person my skin definitely reflects this. Whenever I’m stressed my skin likes to remind me of this and have a little freakout. We’re not just talking spots, it gets dry and blotchy. Sounds ideal, right?

The whole point of Elixseri’s Skin Meditation Serum (£100) is to combat signs of stress, pollution and hormonal changes within the skin. So naturally, me and my stressed skin practically jumped at the chance to try it out.

Packed full of natural actives specifically chosen as they counteract the signs of skin stress, its silky-smooth texture glides onto the skin like a lightweight serum. It feels both cooling and soothing, which immediately calmed me. It’s not tacky, which meant rather than rushing the application process I actually took my time and enjoyed it—something I rarely do.

With ingredients like Swiss Alpine Crystallised Light Water and Prebiotic Mangosteen Ferment by the next morning, my skin felt and looked less inflamed. This combined with enriching Argan Oil meant my skin felt restored and hydrated. Plus it’s got a hint of citric acid which makes it smell amazing.

The one thing that really stood out for me about this product was that it’s important to take the time out to focus on your skin. It’s such a luxurious product to apply, which forced me to pat it into my skin slowly and carefully—call it meditation for your skin, if you will. It really does instantly soothe irritated skin, and I found myself looking forward to applying a few drops to cleansed skin both morning and night.

And while my hormonal acne still rears it’s ugly head now and then, my skin feels more balanced and less stressed—and I’ve learned the importance of taking time out for my skin. So, if you need me, I’ll be busy giving my skin a little R&R meditation time and applying products that feel good, and do good!

Up next, why not try out this meditation app if you’re feelinng stressed. 


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