Final countdown to Worcester Mayor’s sky dive

Final countdown to Worcester Mayor’s sky dive

Final countdown to Worcester

Mayor’s sky dive


The Mayor of Worcester is making final preparations to jump out of plane at 12,000 ft on Wednesday 7 March 2018.

Councillor Steve Mackay will be swapping his chain of office for a ripcord in a bid to raise £500 for three local charities.

The Mayor is calling on city residents to sign up to sponsor him to ensure his funding target isn’t just pie in the sky. To sign up, go to uk.virginmoneygiving.com and search for Steve Mackay.

“I do have a few butterflies, but it’s a personal challenge and a great way of raising funds for what I think are three really important charities and I hope Worcester people will support me,” he said.

The Mayor will perform the feat at a site in Wiltshire run by the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers.

He said: “I’ll be jumping with trained paratroopers, so they’re obviously used to throwing themselves out of planes at 12,000ft.

“It’s a slightly daunting experience for me, but I’ll be doing a tandem jump with an experienced paratrooper strapped to my back, so I’m sure everything will go well.

“I’ll only actually be given any training on the morning of the jump. How have I been preparing in the meantime? I’m trying not to think about it!”

Cllr Mackay has been spurred on to turn daredevil in order to raise money for his three charities:

He said: “I have personal connections with all these charities and I know they provide important support for many vulnerable people who are not in a good place and often can’t always speak up for themselves.

“Please dig deep to support my sky dive – you can sign up to support me by going to uk.virginmoneygiving.com and searching for Steve Mackay.”

Final countdown to Worcester Mayor’s sky dive