Exploring Ironbridge | Why You Need To Visit Today!

Exploring Ironbridge | Why You Need To Visit Today!


Exploring Ironbridge | Why You Need To Visit Today!

Yesterday I took the day off work to have a family day, I wanted to go somewhere not too far away but similar and for some reason, I remembered Ironbridge. We didn’t live too far away from Ironbridge before I moved to Dubai, my Grandparents used to live in Shropshire so it wasn’t too far away and it was a beautiful place to go. Exploring Ironbridge used to be a popular thing for the Vincents to do.

James Vincent IronBridge

Ironbridge shops

We used to go a lot, from the local pork pie store to the original ice cream store. This was a place where my grandparents used to go all the time; they knew the community, the people and all the places to go. We used to go to every museum, every store, every event. Growing up I didn’t appreciate it; I just thought it was another place in England. You don’t realise how much history is actually in a place like that.

James Vincent British

Going back there yesterday was a real nostalgia feeling. All the places we used to go, all the food we used to eat and all the history behind it became relevant. I mean, it was the first place ever to build an Iron Bridge, we think today like oh they are just building another bridge, but when you look back building a bridge like that would have taken so many years, so much manpower and so much patience.

exploring Ironbridge

If you’re looking for somewhere different to go to a place that changed the British history, Somewhere relaxing and you can appreciate the industrial history of Britain in the making then visit Ironbridge today.

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