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Loafers Patisserie in Bromyard


Loafers Patisserie in Bromyard

Delicious artisan breads and wonderful cakes, cookies and pastries are baked freshly every day at Loafers Patisserie in Bromyard. Now you too can learn to make them!

Expert bakers Darren and Samantha Rogers recently relaunched their five hour bread baking courses on Saturday afternoons. They are passing on their skills to small groups of learners in a relaxed, easy going style which makes the whole process enjoyable, from weighing the ingredients to taking home the finished loaves. People are already snapping up course vouchers as potential Christmas and birthday presents!

Loafers stands apart from many bakers because alongside its daily range of French and seeded breads it has an enormous range of unusual ones. These feature ingredients as varied as pesto with black olives & chili, walnut & Stilton cheese, oat & barley, fig, date, even ginger beer. Sam & Darren also like to take on customers’ own ideas for flavourings and make their products to order.

“When we get there in the morning it’s up to us what we make,” says Darren, “And because we are small we can do small batches and react to what people want. We like to take orders because that gives us a challenge.

“People are also surprised by how well our products keep. Our seeded loaves taste fresh even after three days.”

Editors Choice | Loafers Patisserie in Bromyard
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Editors Choice | Loafers Patisserie in Bromyard
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