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Crepes at Chez Jacey
Crepes at Chez Jacey
Crepes at Chez Jacey

Editor’s Choice | Crepes at Chez Jacey

Country shows, weddings and other events gain a certain je ne sais quoi thanks to Crêpes at Chez Jacey, a mobile specialist food business providing delectable French-style sweet and savoury crêpes.

Crêpes from Crêpes at Chez Jacey are light, lovely and served with moreish toppings such as banoffee, chocolate & orange, cinnamon apple, cheese or ham.

Owner Janice Corbett loves attending celebrations and public events like festivals, fairs and carnivals but decided to start the business after realising she could never find a quality crȇpe vendor. The decision was cemented after ill health forced her to leave a demanding position.


“Now I am always out at different events meeting happy people instead of miserable ones,” she says.

This summer Crêpes at Chez Jacey will be at events including Romstock music festival, The Dogs Trust at Ragley Hall and Banbury & District Show in June, the RSPCA Worcester open fun day in July and Far Forest Country Show in August.

Further bookings are welcome for both public and private events like parties, always including service on biodegradable plates with wooden forks and finger wipes, to avoid guests getting messy.

The business is fully insured, Gas Safe registered and holds a top food hygiene ranking. To serve up a culinary treat for your guests call 07890 655415.

07890 655415

Crêpes at Chez Jacey, Worcestershire

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