Give your kitchen a much-needed transformation with Dream Doors Worcester

Dream Doors Worcester

Why you should give your kitchen a much-needed transformation with Dream Doors Worcester

Surprisingly, most people are unaware of kitchen facelift services and how they could greatly benefit from them.

As we know replacing a kitchen completely can be a costly, messy, noisy and time-consuming affair. However, with a kitchen facelift, much of the stress and worry involved in replacing a kitchen is removed achieving a total transformation.

How do we do it? Simple, most of the aesthetic features from your kitchen are stripped away and replaced with exactly what you want.  These features can include: kitchen doors, worktops and even kitchen appliances. With an almost infinite amount of design and colour choices available having a kitchen transformation can prove to be the best alternative to an expensive kitchen replacement.

Let’s go over some of the benefits of a kitchen transformation:

  • Money- a transformation only requires the replacement of certain components in your kitchen, meaning the overall cost is considerably less than a full kitchen replacement.
  • Time- a full kitchen replacement can take weeks; in the case of a kitchen transformation the job could be completed within 1-2 days.
  • Less Mess- When replacing doors and trims there is no need to even empty your cupboards and drawers.
  • Less stress– With hardly any noise and the work only taking an average of 2 days you can soon get back to your life in a brand new kitchen without having to worry for weeks waiting for your kitchen to be complete.

Interested? Why not contact the David and Kate at Dream Doors Worcester.  Visit us in our Showroom at 42 The Tything, Worcester, WR1 1JT; or call us on 01905 726166 for a free, no obligation quote.


Give your kitchen a much-needed transformation with Dream Doors Worcester

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