Denise Richards’ 24-hour wedding dress

Denise Richards' 24-hour wedding dress

Denise Richards’ 24-hour wedding dress
Mark Zunino had just 24 hours to create Denise Richards’ wedding gown.
Denise Richards’ wedding dress designer had just 24 hours to create her gown.

The 47-year-old actress tied the knot with Aaron Phypers on Saturday (08.09.18), just days after they got engaged, and Mark Zunino has praised the star for her “calm personality” as it helped im and his team get the outfit together quickly.

He said: “With a 24-hour turnaround there wasn’t a moment to spare. Denise’s calm personality gives a wonderful vibe of confidence, which immediately rubbed off on my team. They would do anything for a client they love and respect.”

The ‘World Is Not Enough’ actress opted for a high-low white dress featuring a lace strapless romper and a tulle skirt and luckily, she fit into an archived sample garment as her original idea would have taken too long to make.

Mark explained to ‘Entertainment Tonight’: “When I met with Denise and Aaron, she had several images of my gowns of interest but had one specifically in mind. It was a romper (a true romper a.k.a. shorts, not a mini-dress) of an Italian laser-cut 3D floral pattern on silk illusion, over nude with hand beadwork.

“The problem was it takes 3-4 weeks to get that fabric from Europe, and, at minimum, one week of labour with three seamstresses working around the clock.

“I mentioned to Denise the possibility of having her try on my archived original runway sample. It was brand new, having only been worn five minutes during its catwalk debut, but was in a customised model size that was extremely small.

“We slipped it on Denise. Aaron’s eyes lit up. Denise had an enormous smile, and said, ‘This is it!’ ”

The designer added some personal touches to the gown to give it a more “romantic” appearance.

He said: “Denise is so incredibly beautiful, simplicity is best for her. We decided to add some silk floral scattering on the layered silk organza overskirt. I hand painted faint white flowers, intermingled with the silk flowers, to achieve a delicate, romantic look. Denise and Aaron are both so extremely relaxed, easy going and genuinely sweet. The relaxed aesthetic of the romper with detachable over-skirt was the perfect look of sexy sophistication, playful and ultimately romantic.”

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Denise Richards' 24-hour wedding dress