Clinique Fit

Clinique Fit

This new collection from Clinique ties right into the Athleisure Beauty trend that really started to take off towards the end of last year. I think what’s going to persuade you one way or the other that specialist skin and make up products are needed for your work out is what type of exerciser you are.

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There are some women I know – and men – who are extreme trainers. Sprinting uphill through mud on a drizzly day is just what they like to do and no amount of work out suitable skin product, make up or otherwise, is going to be relevant to them. In fact, I don’t think this collection is going to cut it for any hard-core fitness training – at the end of a session nothing is going to stop that sweat pouring so its irrelevant whether you’re wearing a mattifying moisturiser or not.

If you’re more moderate and need to fit in a tai chi class before work, then you might well find some of the products useful in allowing you to progress to work not looking like you did the uphill through the mud. Yoga? You’ll be fine and ditto a long walk or cycle at a moderate pace. Athleisure Beauty doesn’t – any of it – keep you Instagram ready while your heart rate is hammering and you’re losing buckets of sweat through your face. It’s not a miracle. It needs to be viewed as an accessory to an active life, not an exercise companion.

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So, it’s really a question of breaking down what does what. I’m kind of thrilled that Lip & Cheek Flush is Origins Pinch Your Cheeks in disguise, because that’s an excellent product. It’s £15.50 on the Origins site and suspiciously sold out, while Clinique are charging £20. The 24 Hour Mascara is a joy – Clinique are under-recognised for their mascaras and I’d snap this one up whether you’ve even got a pair of trainers or not. It’s on a fine brush that gives long, well separated, deeply black lashes. It’s also £20. I found the Post Work Out Neutralizing Face Powder an absolute fail – it’s got a built-in sponge/puff that doesn’t really want the powder to come through so you have to pat at your face with it so hard that it’s just not worth it for a tiny smidge of yellow powder that doesn’t seem to do anything at all anyway. It’s £28 that you probably shouldn’t spend.

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On the plus, the Post-Work Out Mattifying Moisturiser, £26, is lovely – immediately skin thirst quenching and definitely mattifying. Make sure your sweat has subsided though before you put it on. CliniqueFit Workout Makeup SPF40 is the same type of watery consistency as L’Oreal Nude Magique, Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint AND the Clinique BIY Pigment Drops. The coverage seems perfect for oily skin because of its watery nature that feels oil-less. I’d really question the SPF40 though – it might well be that when you start out but after 5K in the sunshine? I’m not so sure. Although it uses physical and chemical sunscreens, I don’t think you should use it as sun protection cream while you’re active outside unless you’re prepared to reapply.

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I liked the Workout Face & Body Hydrating Spray but don’t really have any information on what’s in it. It’s a water based spritz … er, much like Clinique Moisture Surge Spray which is £22.50 for 100ml while the Workout Spray is £13 for 30ml. I don’t have a bottle of Moisture Surge to do a direct comparison on ingredients but Workout Spray definitely has oily skin battlers in it such as clary sage, gentian and witch hazel. Lastly, the Post-Workout Face & Body Wipes, £16. I love them – body wipes are definitely a thing in hot countries, especially Asian countries and I can see these being so useful for a quick wipe over when you’d rather skip the changing room crowd and head home for a shower. But, wipes are on their way out – they’re just too harsh on the environment. Actually, this collection is over-packaged but at least the exterior is recyclable.

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The upshot of the CliniqueFit range is that, in my view, it’s an oily skin range in a current trend disguise. Whether that makes it great or completely unnecessary for fitness regimes is something I just can’t say. I’m not a gym bunny but I am active and it’s never occurred to me to use something special for activities. If you have oily skin, however, I’d definitely be looking at it as an every-day range and whatever skin type you have, nab that mascara (HERE)!


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