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Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre

Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre

Pets which are injured, ailing or overweight can now recover their well-being in a state-of- the-art new Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre in Bromsgrove.

Clent Hills Vets’ facility boasts a heated hydrotherapy pool and water treadmill, with highly trained professionals giving people’s pets the very best treatments available. These could be for rehabilitation after illness or injury, for weight loss and conditioning, for reaching peak condition to tackle the show circuit or for simply having fun.

The water therapies enable animals – usually dogs – to exercise without straining their joints. With buoyancy jackets to keep them safe they are able to improve their mobility and general fitness. The pool is beneficial for managing arthritis and can give pups and frightened older dogs the means to gain water confidence in a safe situation.

Clent Hills Vets have joined forces with Bromsgrove Canine Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy to offer cutting edge services including hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture and laser therapy.

Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre

They use laser therapy and acupuncture to provide pain relief and encourage cell healing, and this can reduce reliance on medication. Laser is also used for post-operative and post-injury wound healing.

They also offer water fun and fitness sessions for healthy dogs. Swimming is an excellent all-over body workout. A 15 minute swim is the equivalent to an hour’s traditional run around the park, making it ideal for hot or rainy days and as an additional activity.

At the end of a session the pets enjoy a special shower and a spell under the dryer so they leave all spruced up.

Individual programmes can be drawn up for each and every pet – canine or otherwise – geared to their particular needs.

“We have the facilities and equipment to ensure all pets get the most out of their visit,” says Marketing Manager Amy Holloway, “And we will work with their own vet’s recommendations. This facility is open to everybody.”

Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre
Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre
Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre
01527 889810

Clent Hill Veterinary Group, 5 Kidderminster Road, Bromsgrove B61 7JJ

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Clent Hills Pet Fitness & Rehabilitation Centre
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