Celebrate Pride 2019 with these vibrant pride products

Celebrate Pride 2019, vibrant pride products

Celebrate Pride 2019 with these vibrant pride products

To celebrate Pride 2019, you’ll want to snag some of these vibrant pride products to show your support. With more LGBTQ+ representation in media than ever before, businesses have followed suit by releasing products to reflect the social climate of inclusion.

Tarte, the makeup brand, released rainbow-theme eyeshadow palettes so that even your eyes can speak-up to show your pride. Your snacks can celebrate inclusivity too — with Flatbread Grill’s Rainbow Hummus, the colorful, pride-inspired spread. Big brands like Disney have also produced swag to show support, with rainbow-colored products like the Mickey Mouse Travel Tumbler and the Mickey Mouse Rainbow Pin.


Many brands are donating a portion of the proceeds from pride products towards initiatives supporting the LGBTQ+ community. And, while all of these products are perfect for Pride Month celebrations, they can also continue spreading the inclusive message year-round.

Inclusive Love Vodka Packaging

The Absolut Drop Vodka Bottles are Made with Anti-LGBT Sign Ink

The limited-edition vodka bottles are made with recycled glass and feature labels that are made with ink that has been extracted from anti-LGBT and racists signage. This powerful packaging message is reinforced with the word “love” emblazoned in a variety of different languages across the entirety of the bottle to make it an international beacon of inclusive love.

Chris Richards, Head of Marketing at Absolut, explained the new packaging, saying, “We’re proud to have placed the powerful message that love has no borders at the heart of Absolut’s iconic bottle. We’re also delighted to continue our support of the LGBT+ community, continuing our partnership with Stonewall as part of this campaign, but also by proudly showcasing a ‘Take Pride in Diversity’ medallion on the bottle. We know our annual Pride limited edition bottles are collectors’ item for many and with this limited edition, we hope to capture attention for this cause.”


UGG's 'Fluff Yeah' Fuzzy Slides Celebrate & Support the LGBTQ+ Community

UGG first launched its Fluff Yeah fuzzy slides in the summer of 2018 and it is now introducing a series of all-new Pride Fluff Yeah styles for the month of June. For Pride Month, the footwear brand is launching the Pride Rainbow Yellow and Pride Rainbow Purple designs, which create a full rainbow together when their warm and cool tones are combined. UGG is also releasing a white, blue and pink Pride Stripes version that references the colors of the transgender flag. 

The colorful, slipper-like fuzzy slides for all were created to show support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Celebrate Pride 2019 with these vibrant pride products

Converse's Pride Pack Features Glittery Sneaker Designs

Converse celebrates with the new Pride Pack this year comprised with a selection of colorful footwear and apparel designs that specifically highlights a date — June 28th, 1969. This is the day that the Stonewall Riots made a strong statement for the LGBTQ+ community and the rights they should have. 

The collection highlights Chuck Taylors and Chuck 70s in addition to the apparel. The designs are accented with a bolt emblem and decorated with glitter throughout in order to emphasize self-expression. The range also puts a spotlight on the label’s inaugural sneakers that are made with inspiration drawn from the Trans flag. The apparel designs are made to reference the late 60s and the early 70s as the nod to the historical event.

In addition, the mass media company promised to donate 10% of each online sale between the dates of May 14th and June 30th to GLSEN — a not-for-profit organization that supports the drive for LGBTQ-inclusive school systems

Pride Luggage, Loud and Proud from the from AmericanTourister.co.uk

Inspired by the beat of the world, the Red Dot award-winning Soundbox collection features an impactful concentric circle design that takes inspiration from retro vinyl records. This is our first zipped polypropylene suitcase with expandability, giving you the flexibility and increased packing space you need. Feel the sound and travel light with our bright Soundbox cases. Available in a range of bright and playful colours and colour matching components.

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Pride Luggage, Freedom from Samsonite


Staying true to the many great stories that are intrinsically woven into Cosmolite’s design DNA, Samsonite has reinvented this iconic collection by including the latest technologies and design aesthetics. Evolved but unchanged, Cosmolite has retained its iconic silhouette but is now lighter than before thanks to the use of more elegant and lightweight components. The collection is characterised by its fashionable colour palette, which in its turn is strengthened by the colour matching components and subtle reference to the elegant fishbone pattern.  Samsonite also make a £20 donation to www.londonfriend.org

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Starbucks' Pride Tumbler is Released in Anticipation of Pride Month

In celebration of Pride Week, Disney debuts a rainbow-nuanced LGBTQ collection, and as a result, the brand connected with a portion of its fan base that was previously untapped. The merchandise line features a color-splash tank top with the slogan ‘LOVE,’ a water bottle, a fanny pack, a t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses and pins. The LGBTQ collection is dubbed ‘The Rainbow Mickey’ and for it, Disney has designed a minimalist logo — a rainbow-colored outline of its popular cartoon mouse. 

In addition, the mass media company promised to donate 10% of each online sale between the dates of May 14th and June 30th to GLSEN — a not-for-profit organization that supports the drive for LGBTQ-inclusive school systems

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Celebrate Pride 2019 with these vibrant pride products