Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon

Cara Dillon occupies an enviable position at the very top of her genre. This extraordinary Irish singer has been captivating audiences and achieving exceptional acclaim for over 20 years. She has (according to Mojo magazine) “Quite possibly the world’s most beautiful female voice“.

Born in Dungiven in 1975, surrounded and infused with the rich cultural heritage of her native County Derry, Cara has risen to become one of the finest exponents of traditional Irish song anywhere in the world. She possesses a rare and unique voice that has been lauded since her very beginnings, winning the All-Ireland singing trophy aged only fourteen. Together with her husband and musical partner Sam Lakeman, she has successfully steered an eclectic musical path, defying the typical pigeonholes that hinder most artists in her genre. Celebrated for entwining traditional and contemporary elements she has earned both commercial success and astonishing critical acclaim.

Recent years have seen her return wholeheartedly to her Irish roots, creating fresh interpretations of traditional standards with stunning results. Her reach is truly global, with fans to be found all over the world. Her clear, Northern Irish voice has even seduced giants such as Disney, who in 2010 asked her to sing the title song to the animated movie Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue. She’s won countless awards and accolades including Album Of The Year at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, The Meteor Music Award for Best Irish Female, and Tatler’s Woman Of The Year in Music, and has appeared in prestigious concert halls and at festivals the world over. Always looking to introduce her voice and music to new listeners, Cara’s topped the charts with dance remixes, guest appearances and, more recently, presented her songs with full orchestral backing, bringing her music to an entirely new audience.

Alongside a selection of favourites from her previous releases, Cara will be performing material from her new album Wanderer; a collection of beautiful and moving songs recorded in an intimate setting with her husband and musical partner Sam Lakeman. Every note and word is sung with a passion and confidence earned through a life of experience singing traditional songs. Legions of fans will attest to her impassioned performances, with Cara’s warm and natural stage presence something to savour.

Whether she’s singing her native traditional songs of lost love and emigration, or original compositions, you will be hard pressed to find a more emotive and captivating performer. Cara Dillon is at the very top of her field and one has the feeling she’ll remain there for a very long time.

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The Christians – Acoustic on 15th June 2018
Cara Dillon

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