Bridebooks Expert Planning Tips


Bridebook’s Expert Planning Tips

Whether it’s a big do or a small and simple ceremony, planning a wedding and enjoying an engagement should be one of the happiest times of a person’s life.

Bridebook, the UK’s leading wedding planning app on which 1 in 3 UK couples plan their nuptials, give their top tips for having as fun and exciting an engagement as possible while wedding planning.

Combine these words of wisdom with amazing and easy-to-use wedding planning tools like a personalised wedding checklist and any couple can plan their wedding with ease…

Don’t worry

The devil’s in the detail; but chose the details carefully.  Don’t worry about the things you can’t control, such as the weather. Instead concentrate on looking after your guests and making them feel part of a really special celebration that they will remember.

Keep an open mind

Don’t be nervous or scared of looking at everything as even the most novice of flower buyers suddenly has a favourite and it’s always surprising that you have more of an idea of what you love than you would imagine.

Don’t try to please everyone

Don’t try to please everyone. This is your opportunity to do things as you want and it’s a time to be making decisions without having to justify them or fit expectations. Real friends and family will understand and those that don’t are not worth losing any sleep over.

Don’t plan for perfection

Don’t be overwhelmed by the search process. You need to feel relaxed and open-minded right from the start. You will be invited to try on as many dresses as possible, including those that don’t immediately jump out at you. Leave any preconceived ideas outside the door as wild cards can often be ‘the one’!

Remember What’s Important

You’re celebrating the love between you and your partner and making a commitment to support each other. Make sure you remember that if you ever get in tiffs when planning, and on the day itself. Take a moment just for you two at some point during the festivities, and let it sink in!

Be Honest

Be honest with each other, with your family and friends, and with the wedding suppliers. There are a lot of wedding planning headaches that can be avoided completely by being honest from the beginning. Chat with your partner at the beginning of planning to discuss each of your expectations on size and style, and how much you can realistically pool together for the budget. Always share your budget limitations with your suppliers from the beginning so that they can work with you on building the best possible options.

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