Bodyguard BBC One Julia Montague could be alive

Bodyguard BBC One Julia Montague could be alive

'Bodyguard' creator Jed Mercurio has added further fuel to speculation Julia Montague could be alive after admitting he has told "a few judicious lies" about Sunday night's (23.09.18) series finale.

Bodyguard BBCOne | Julia Montague could be alive

Bodyguard‘ creator Jed Mercurio admits he has told “a few judicious lies” about the series finale.

The thrilling BBC One drama comes to a conclusion on Sunday night (23.09.18) in an extra-long 75-minute special episode, and following speculation that home secretary character Julia Montague, played by Keeley Hawes, isn’t really dead, Jed has added fuel to the rumours.

He said: “The thing is, I don’t really feel a great responsibility to tell the truth, so it doesn’t really matter what I say.

“I tell the truth where it’s the ethical thing to do, but in terms of entertainment there’s a certain fun and a certain enjoyment that can be added to the experience by a few judicious lies.”

Should Keeley return as Julia, who was killed off halfway through the series, in the finale then it wouldn’t be the first time Jed has fibbed about one of her characters staying away from a show.

He and the 42-year-old star both claimed her ‘Line of Duty’ alter-ego Lindsay Denton would not be returning in 2016’s third series, only for her to pop up on our screens.

He added to The Sun newspaper: “I’ve lied before about Keeley and it may well be I will lie again.

“We decided to keep secret the fact that Keeley Hawes returned in that series. And the BBC publicists weren’t permitted to lie. Their editorial guidelines say they’re not allowed to mislead.

“However, both Keeley and I felt it was absolutely fine for us to lie.”

‘Bodyguard’ tells the story of Richard Madden’s character, David Budd, acting as Julia’s personal protection officer until her death, and Jed recently dropped a huge hint that Julia could still be alive – and that David may perish in the finale, admitting there is a “grain of truth” in some fan theories.

He said: “We are all sitting back and enjoying the speculation.

“It’s great that people have their own theories. Actually I do look at some of bigger theories and it’s interesting that occasionally there’s a grain of truth.

“It’s not like we are standing by going ‘hotter, colder’ as people put forward their theories.”

Bodyguard BBC One Julia Montague could be alive