AC Contractors | Worcester

AC Contractors | Worcester

Real wood floors give classic good looks to any building. Restoring them with professional sanding and staining is an environmentally friendly way of restoring their natural beauty and durability without cutting down more trees. Whether you want to lay a completely new floor or revitalise an old one, AC Contractors are the solid professionals with the specialist skills to do a perfect job.

Family-run AC Contractors operate all over Worcestershire and beyond, covering all aspects of work with wood floors. They give the same personal care, attention and expertise to every customer, whether they are carrying out minor repairs in the home, fitting an all new solid wood or parquet floor or renovating floors in schools, village halls or business premises.

Floor sanding by AC Contractors

Floor sanding by AC Contractors is virtually dust free and carried out using the very best quality materials and equipment. Customers can choose from an extensive range of colours for staining and even have their own lacquer colour made bespoke.
Business owner Eddie Wiles has spent more than 32 years in the business, since leaving school.

“It’s something I really love,” he says. “I know pretty well everything there is to know now about it now and I undertake a British Standards course every year to keep up with developments.”

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