9 New Fragrances To Try in 2019 for sure

9 New Fragrances To Try in 2019

Summer is here and it calls for a lighter and fresher take on fragrance. Get rid of  the musks and the ouds, and instead embrace the best of citrus, fruity-florals, and sheer takes on new fragrance classics. Ahead,  our favorite 9 new fragrances to try in 2019.

Top Seasonal Fragrance Tips

  1. Wearing a scent that it is evocative of summer can help you get into the holiday spirit.
  2. Heat & rising temperatures can intensify the sense of smell, which is why switching heavier ‘Winter’ scents for lighter ones can help you feel more energetic
  3. Don’t leave your perfume in the sun (or near hot temperatures – this includes your bathroom), as this can shorten the perfume’s lifespan.
  4. Headed to a festival or on a summer vacation which requires travel? Take a look at allbeauty’s range of Travalo Atomisers, perfect for decanting your favourite fragrance from glass bottles and taking with you on the go.

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