9 Hairstyles to Liven Up Your Long Hair

9 Hairstyles to Liven Up Your Long Hair

If you have long hair, it can be all too easy to fall into a hairstyle rut, wearing your hair in the same way each and every day. And while having a signature style is no bad thing (and makes mornings a hell of a lot quicker), there is actually so much joy to be found by adding some new hairstyles for long hair into your repertoire.

Believe it or not, there’s actually a lot you can do with your long lengths. Whether you’re in the mood to fancy up a regular pony, try out a polished braid or add an accessory or two, we’ve scoured our favourite S/S 18 shows (yes, we’re willing on the start of the sunnier seasons already) to find the best long hairstyle ideas out there. Keep scrolling to discover hairstyles that prove long hair needn’t be boring.

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In between hair wash days, pulling long hair back into a plait can hide greasy roots and knotted lengths—and the headscarf? Well, that’s just a bonus. For a plait like this, invest in Redken Braid Aid (£16). It’s a creamy balm that you can use to prep hair, and to polish over each section once the plait is complete.

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Gel can be your friend, if you use it to create something as chic as Markus Lupfer’s dual textured, softly waved hair. Our top tip? Use a mixture of Bumble and bumble’s Sumogel (£23) and hair oil (we love Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil, £56) to slick roots down. The oil will stay pretty damp and will stop the gel from turning rock solid and crispy. You’ll find some more slicked-back hair inspo here, too.

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If the S/S 18 shows taught us one thing, it’s that the humble hairband is about to be replaced by just about anything you can find lying around. At Loewe, the tie of choice was a length of brown leather knotted tightly at the base of the ponytail, but ribbon, cord or some fancy string would work just as well.

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We usually spend a lot of time trying to inject volume into the roots, but actually flattening the top section of hair looks pretty modern too. Simply take the section of hair that falls in line with the ends of your eyebrows and comb it straight back, using plenty of Oribe Superfine Hairspray (£30) and kirby grips to keep it in place.

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With new product innovations, getting a salon-style bouncy blow dry is easier than ever. Look for volumising root spray, such as Evo’s Root Canal Base Support Spray (£20) to build height. Then, for the easiest blowout ever, rough-dry hair with a hairdryer as normal, and then go over with Dafni’s Hair Straightening Brush (£120), which will give smoothness and bounce to even tightly curled hair without the arm ache.

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The quickest way to update your look is to add an accessory, as proven by the chic hair slides on the models at Versace. &OtherStories always does the best hair accessories, but we also love ASOS‘s selection of hair slides, too.

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Head scarves are having a bit of a moment, and we love the idea of wearing one wound tightly around a long ponytail like the models at Lanvin—use kirby grips to secure it at both ends.

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Instead of slicking hair down, why don’t you try slicking it back, like the look at Jason Wu? It’s a hairstyle that works on long hair of all textures and looks great with a super smoky eye or cat-eye flick.

9 Hairstyles to Liven Up Your Long Hair 9

If you’re struggling for time and just want a hairstyle that allows you to get up and go, try the hippy braids from Stella Jean. Simply leave your long hair down (whatever texture it is),and while you’re on the bus or train to work, you can simply plait a few tiny braids into the front section. Multitasking at its finest. Next up: The seven best haircuts for every type of texture. This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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